Brussels driving licence reform leaves much to be desired

TIV and BVMW intend to take further steps

The EU parliamentary position on the driving licence directive that has currently been agreed upon provides for an increase in the maximum permissible mass of the B driving licence to 4,250 kg, which in a manner that is very difficult to comprehend only applies to self-propelled motorhomes, but not to towing vehicle/trailer combinations. From the point of view of the Trailer Industry Association, this defies all reason and is detrimental to both trailer users and the European trailer industry. The 31 companies of the TIV that are now members account for 14,000 jobs in 10 European countries. They urgently anticipate a uniform, sensible and market-based reorganisation of the current obstructive driving licence regulations.

The draft should at least be credited for the fact that holders of category B driving licences may drive electrically powered vehicles and trailers with a maximum permissible mass (MPM) of 5,000 kg two years after obtaining their licence. Holders of category BE licences may drive alternatively fuelled vehicles and trailers with a gross vehicle weight of 7,750 kg (4,250 kg + 3,500 kg) 2 years after acquiring the licence. However, the question of why this is restricted to vehicles with alternative drive systems cannot be justified on either practical or driving safety grounds and would therefore constitute another incomprehensible special ruling.


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