News from the working groups - TIV visits TÜV Nord

Technical exchange with the FKT Special Committee "Lighting equipment on motor vehicles" and joint action in relation to questions on technical regulations

On 28 November Matthias Kieslich (STEMA Metalleichtbau) and Erwin Steiner (ASPÖCK Systems) visited the FKT special committee "Lighting equipment on motor vehicles" of the TÜV Nord, to address some urgent technical problems that concern the members of the TIV Trailer Industrie Verband e.V. 


In a brief presentation they outlined the work of the TIV, its members, characteristics and the motivation behind the foundation of the association. Particular attention was paid to the objectives of the TIV, such as new regulations or revisions of technical requirements for O1 and O2 vehicles in the areas of electrics, brakes and clutches. It was also possibly to clearly demonstrate that applicable statutory provisions, such as the approval problem in relation to the 100 km / h regulation for O1 and O2 vehicles, require urgent revision and Europe-wide harmonisation.

Running in parallel with the upheaval in the automotive industry involving the reassessment of drive concepts, in particular electromobility, it was successfully demonstrated that the "car trailer" connection has to be reconsidered. The topics of "driving licence regulation and insurance" (in accidents with trailer wagons) were touched on.

Standardisation of the O1 7 pin and the O2 13 pin plug

In particular, the problem of the different plugs was addressed. There had already been activities in relation to this on the part of the FKT in the past. At the time, the goal was formulated of implementing the plug within the ECE R 48. The discussion on this topic was already very advanced at the time at FKT, but unfortunately without any changes being incorporated into the legislation. At the meeting, the FKT representatives agreed to critically review the work status and to put this item back on the agenda.

Equipment of O1 and O2 vehicles with LED lighting.

It was also possible to intensively discuss another problem at the meeting: In the course of equipping O1 and O2 vehicles with LED lighting, increasingly severe error messages have been arising in the control units of towing vehicles. The reason for this is the absence of a standardised interface between the towing vehicle and the trailer. To counter this, many luminaire manufacturers install a "black box" in the trailer's wiring harness, which uses resistors to correct the lower consumption levels of the LED lights (3 W instead of 21 W).

The heat that builds up in the resistors or in the black box is considerable, and thus temperatures arise of up to 130 ° C. In addition, a failure of the LED lighting on the trailer is not displayed on the towing vehicle, and this is not in accordance with the law.

The FKT has also recognised this problem, but has been told that no quick fix is yet in sight. It was recalled that the English SMMT association had already dealt with this topic. Unfortunately, no agreement was successfully reached there that would have found expression in a corresponding legal guideline.

As a result of the meeting, the FKT has pledged to contact the English SMMT association to find out what the current situation is in relation to LED lighting on O1 and O2 vehicles and to also continue to work on the topic themselves.

Mr Steiner will also make this topic public and put it on the agenda at the Fachverband für Verkehr (Association of Transport) in Austria. Accompanied by these efforts, the TIV will then also present the problem to GRE in Brussels.


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