Chapel Hydraulique GmbH

Member: Chapel Hydraulique GmbH

The Chapel Group is 50 years of passion and continuous effort that make the brand a guarantee.

Throughout Europe, our sales teams ensure you are satisfied: Innovations, quality, costs, deadlines, their efficiency is widely recognized.

More than 50 years ago, André Chapel was at the initiative of an SME that has now become a European group with 320 people in eight production units, specialised in the design, manufacture and distribution of hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic components.

The Chapel factories produce 500 000 cylinders per year, of these 80 000 telescopic cylinders and 80 000 hand pumps in addition.

The essential values of the Chapel Hydraulique group are:

  • Innovation in design
  • Quality
  • Cost accuracy
  • Compliance with deadlines
  • Efficiency and pragmatism

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