Debon/Cheval Liberté

Debon/Cheval Liberté

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Since its creation in 1995 the Debon-Cheval Liberté company has been manufacturing horse trailers as well as box-vans and tippers. The company was born from the meeting between talented engineers and a French trailer manufacturer also a horse riding fan. Always owned and managed by the same family, the company has been evolving by offering always more products.

Thanks to its 30.000 m² production facilities (Poland) the company is resorting to the highest technologies to adapt its products to the demand. With an annual production of 15.000 trailers, the company has been expanding worldwide. Debon-Cheval Liberté is now offering a large range of horse trailers, from the single one (1 horse 1.600kg GW) to the biggest one (4 horses 3.500kg GW).

Thanks to its strategic decision to focus on the combination of high performance and production costs effectiveness the
Debon/Cheval Liberté company has become one of the leaders on the market.

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