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HAPERT - For more than 50 years, the brand HAPERT has been the go-to choice for the most stable trailers in the weight class of up to 3,500kg. Thanks to tried and tested welding technology, HAPERT Trailers stands out through having exceptional robustness in its class.


HAPERT Trailers takes the view that the frame of a trailer is the basis for a strong and outstanding product. Therefore, welding technology is a specialist area for HAPERT, and an essential element of the exceptional quality of HAPERT Trailers. At HAPERT's central manufacturing plant, an ultra-modern, fourth generation welding robot is used. 

The first robot was acquired in 1989. Currently frames are no longer welded using this machine, but it is still used for components and individual parts. Subsequently, the robot became bigger and even faster. For example, the loading of the welding programme was also sped up and was shortened from 20 minutes to 2 minutes. However, people are still required for the charging and adjustment of appliances. This is still applicable for the third generation of welding robots. The responsible employees and robots work in mutual, synchronised dependence; and form what could be called the perfect team.

Today, with the correct preparation, welding at HAPERT can be performed completely unmanned. This is achieved through using the Red-Devil Robot-System. When the crew goes home at the end of the day, the robot can weld, without fatigue, a pre-set quantity of chassis, which can be further processed the next morning by the crew on duty.

Assembly line

After fabrication, the welded frames are hot-dip galvanised in an immersion bath and after removing them from the galvanising plant, the trailers are meticulously completed for our customers by our qualified staff. On the shop floor in Hapert there are two assembly lines. There is another manufacturing base in the neighbouring town of Bladel, where luggage trailers are assembled. The HAPERT employees stand for the quality of our products and work with the utmost diligence as if they were building their very own trailers. After a comprehensive final inspection, the HAPERT trailers make their way to dealers and final customers!

Dealer organisation

Finally, sales organisation consists of premium and official dealers, who ensure the high standards of quality expected by HAPERT in their consultation and sales, the majority of whom have been trusted representatives of HAPERT Trailers for many years. Thanks to the nationwide availability of dealers, final customers and interested parties have a personal contact available to them in their area.

For further information, please visit: www.hapert.com

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