Thanks to a brave vision and strategy, since 2011 we have been building the Temared brand, which has achieved a leading position in Poland, a strong position on the trailer market in Europe and appeared in nearly 60 countries on 6 continents.

We cooperate with over 500 distribution points, starting from DIY stores, through small local dealers, to large specialist trailer sales centers. In 2022, we produced 50,000 trailers, and since the beginning of our operations, over 300,000 have left our plants.

There are few companies with such a wide and diverse product offer: from several lines of multifunctional general duty trailers to specialized trailers for transporting cars, construction vehicles, motorcycles, quads and boats. The most important thing for us is the guarantee of safe use of our trailers on the road while performing various transport functions.

We focus on building good relations with our business partners who are experts in consulting, service and service, co-creating a positive image of the brand in the eyes of customers. We are constantly developing a team of nearly 500 employees who ensure the smooth functioning of the entire organization. We are looking for the best, we help in improving competences, offer career paths.

In 2022, the company received the Forbes Diamond award for the third time for the most dynamically developing Polish companies. We want to be the largest manufacturer of trailers in Europe and position ourselves as the leader or at least the vice-leader on each of the European markets.

Further information can be found on www.temared.com.

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