Since August 2016, the TIV has been a corporate member of the VDA, the German association of the automotive industry, founded in 1901. The Trailer Industrie Verband and the organization representing Germany’s automakers and their suppliers share many common objectives.


The Caravanning Industry Association (CIVD) has been representing the interests of the industrial branch of the German caravanning industry since 1962. The members include virtually all German and European manufacturers of leisure vehicles, in addition to wellknown suppliers and service providers, public institutions and allied associations from all areas of the industry.

SBR was launched in 1992 as a result of the growth of the light trailer field and the Swedish accession to the EU. That made the market so much larger in just one step and meant we suddenly had to deal and comply with all the regulations, harmonisation laws. Today SBR has almost 40 members in the producing, importers and retail business sectors for light heavy trailers of up to 3.5 tonnes. We can describe almost all of them as companies active in the manufacturing and importing sectors, and retail companies. All of them feel the business is dynamic and during the past few years a very large number of small importing companies have been established. Over the past few years the market for new sales amount to around 45 000 vehicles per year.