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SVG Bundes-Zentralgenossenschaft Straßenverkehr eG (Federal Central Road Transport Co-operative) informs you concerning the change to the toll obligation from 1 July 2024

From 1 July 2024, vehicles and vehicle-trailer combinations with a technically permissible maximum mass of more than 3.5 tonnes will be subject to tolls on federal dual carriageways and motorways. Vehicle-trailer combinations are only subject to tolls if the towing vehicle has a technically permissible total mass of over 3.5 tonnes.


Brussels driving licence reform leaves much to be desired

TIV and BVMW intend to take further steps

The EU parliamentary position on the driving licence directive that has currently been agreed upon provides for an increase in the maximum permissible mass of the B driving licence to 4,250 kg, which in a manner that is very difficult to comprehend only applies to self-propelled motorhomes, but not to towing vehicle/trailer combinations. From the point of view of the Trailer Industry Association, this defies all reason and is detrimental to both trailer users and the European trailer industry. The 31 companies of the TIV that are now members account for 14,000 jobs in 10 European countries. They urgently anticipate a uniform, sensible and market-based reorganisation of the current obstructive driving licence regulations.


TIV contributes suggestions in collaboration with VDA and BVMW

Board member Dr Uwe Meyer speaks to the BVMW's Logistics and Mobility Commission

Berlin, July 2022: The EU Commission is currently revising the European Driving Licence Directive. For years, the Trailer Industry Association (TIV) has been advocating the merging of the driving licences for categories B and B96 and thus the raising of the maximum permissible total mass of a combination in trailer operation from 3,500 kg to 4,250 kg. In this way, the association wants to eliminate existing deficiencies in the driving licence directive. Following on from the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), the board has now also won over the BVMW to support its proposals.


TIV and VDA extend collaboration

The executive board of the Trailer Industrie Verband visited VDA President Hildegard Müller in Berlin on 27 April. Two topics formed the focus of the visit: the challenges and opportunities of electromobility and autonomous driving, as well as a potential joint strategy of both associations vis-à-vis the EU against the backdrop of the upcoming revision of the driving licence directive.



Dear Sir or Madam, dear members,

The year 2021 is drawing to a close. The Executive Board would like to thank all members once again for their trust and constructive cooperation and wishes everyone a wonderful Christmas season and all the best for 2022. We wish you a lot of enjoyment and that you obtain a lot of useful information while reading it including in the name of the board,

Michael Jursch
Chairman of the board


6th Annual General Meeting on 23 and 24 September in Poznań

With 14 members present and a total of 25 voters, the TIV met in Poznań (PL). The company SPP - Steelpress Production - was the organiser of the Annual General Meeting this year.


MdB Gero Storjohann (CDU): Speech held at the TIV General Meeting of Members

On 17 September 2020 MdB (Member of the German Parliament) Gero Storjohann, rapporteur of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group on road traffic law and road safety, attended our general meeting of members.



The last few months have been turbulent, they have also shaken up our market. The further developments as well as the consequences for the economy cannot yet be foreseen: But we members have each done our best - and supported by the common network in one case or another - to stabilise the situation of employees and companies.



We are now offering you another advantage of being a member of the Trailer Industrie Verband (Trailer Industry Association) in the form of this newsletter.



We are now offering you another advantage of being a member of the Trailer Industrie Verband (Trailer Industry Association) in the form of this newsletter: In future you will, depending on the news situation, receive first-hand information and service offers on current developments in technology, law, politics and other areas.