What should you pay attention to when making a trailer purchase?

Notice: The Trailer Industrie Verband e.V. (TIV) does not fundamentally provide any purchase recommendations for specific products. All the following explanations should be understood as product-neutral information. They do not constitute specific purchasing advice, make any claim to completeness, are based exclusively on the legal situation and customs in Germany and do not justify any liability claims against the TIV.

Purchase of a new trailer

  • Does the purchaser have a suitable driving licence? read more »
  • Is the trailer load of the towing vehicle sufficient?
  • Suitable for the intended transport purposes (dimensions, payload, braked / unbraked, low / high loader, other equipment / functions)?
  • EC type-approval available or individual approval required?
  • Other necessary tests available (e.g. CE mark)?
  • Extended manufacturer warranties available?
  • Can test reports be viewed?
  • Trailer completely assembled?
  • Operating instructions available?
  • Is approval for speeds of up to 100 km/h available and is the towing vehicle suitable for this speed? read more »
  • Trailers in a new condition, i.e. not older than 18 months (see also "Purchase of a second hand trailer")?
  • Number and interval of the maintenance intervals?
  • After-Sales-Service?
  • Duration of the guaranteed supply of spare parts?

Purchase of a second hand trailer

  • See the instructions concerning the purchase of a new trailer
  • Type plate available and legible?
  • Operating instructions available?
  • When is the next general inspection due?
  • Is approval for speeds of up to 100 km/h available and is the towing vehicle suitable for this speed? read more »
  • Walls, floors and seals in good condition (no rot, no mould, no holes, no rust, even in places that may not be immediately visible)?
  • Are the braking system (hand brake and overrun brake) in good working order?
  • Are the lights in good working order?
  • Tyre age (for speeds up to 100 km/h maximum 6 years)?
  • Tyres worn or damaged?
  • Possibly check other equipment for damage, safety, whether they are in good working order (e.g. side walls of a low loader, tarpaulin of a high loader, hydraulic system of a tipper or lowering trailer, refrigerating machine of a refrigerated box trailer, gas or electrical equipment of a sales vehicle, where applicable built-in batteries)
  • Consults experts if necessary