TIV working groups

Our association has the task of representing the joint professional and economic concerns of the trailer manufacturers. In line with this we have divided up the responsibilities between the different working groups as follows.

Electromobility & networked driving

In this working circle we analyse the impacts of the now very topical and state-of-the-art electromobility technology upon the trailer industry.

The goal is to secure the future of the trailer industry through the early recognition of the potential impacts of current developments and also through the hearing and influencing of experts, especially decision makers.

Driving licences

The TIV driving licences working group has set itself the objective of supporting the EU regulations pertaining to driving licences and to critically examine them.

In cooperation with the authorities and the legislators in particular, safety-relevant but also trailer-friendly developments of the driving licence regulations should be promoted.


The current uncertain legislative situation gives grounds for concerns that the insurance policies will massively increase in price. Together with the insurance companies, we want to advocate sustainable legislation that is appropriate for the risk.

In addition we draft insurance concepts which also reward investments in safety.

Chassis, coupling, 100 kph

The working circles address innovative, pioneering ideas which should offer the user an added value of comfort and safety.

In addition suggestions are drafted which could simplify the general approval procedure at an EU level. This includes, for example, Europe-wide harmonisation and standardisation of car registration regulations within the car-trailer industry.

Quality seal

The Quality Seal working group wants to define a common minimum quality standard in the manufacturing and customer service sectors for trailer manufacturers. A corresponding ranking could be provided for manufacturers with particularly high standards. By means of the quality seal, traders and consumer are provided with an argument at to why they should place “special trust” in the products of the manufacturers and suppliers organised in the TIV.